Fan Favorite Oysters


Chesapeake Bay

Sourced from the York River off Chesapeake Bay, these are our most popular oysters. The flavor profile showcases a mild saltiness moving to a sweet finish. 



This tiny bivalves are favored by oyster veterans and oyster newbies alike. Don't let their small size fool you, Kumamoto Oysters are a popular choice due to their creamy, sweet flavor, a light brininess, and honeydew finish 


Dam Bigs

These oysters can be close to the size of your hand and it's easy to see why the name fits. Huge brine up front, with a deep mineral and earthy chew, these large oysters are sourced from the Damariscotta River in Maine. 



These tiny favorites are a delicious combination of sweet and sour brine with a gentle mineral finish.


The Misconception of the "R"

You've probably head the old adage about only eating oysters only during months with the letter "R." This is a common misconception that paints our favorite bivalves in an unfair light. When sourced properly and from the seasonally appropriate regions, oysters can be safely enjoyed all year long. 

While we can typically source a large variety of oysters from across North America, our offerings are subject to availability.